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Artist Testimonials

TJ Bell: Escape the Fate



Scott Von Heldt: Brian Head Welch


"As a longtime touring and studio musician, I know how tough the road can be on your body. When you're off the road in creative mode you need to also be on top of your game to deliver the most intensity when performing on record too. For that reason I have always been an advocate of finding a balance between healthy and hell-bent! While touring with Brian Head Welch (KoRn) from 2009-2011, I was battling with two badly herniated discs and sacralization in my lower back and reached for natural alternatives to bring relief. I recently discovered Musician's Formula and I am proof this stuff really works!I have much better flexibility with fewer aches and pains. I'm finally back to thrashing like a ninja on speed metal!"




Brian Medina: Gemini Syndrome



Meegs Rascon: Coal Chamber, Gemini Syndrome


“Musician’s Formula is a must for someone like myself. It made a big difference with all my joint aches from all those years of touring and destroying my body. It truly is a remarkable product. Cant recommend this enough”



Jay Gordon: Orgy


"I know we’ve heard it all before, but I don’t usually endorse musical instruments let alone a joint supplement aimed at the musician living that rock n roll lifestyle. All in all, this is the perfect tonic of beneficial nutrients to promote healthy joint support for us touring musicians, like myself, as well as athletes who take a beating on the daily."